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Assessing Socio-economic Impacts of Compound Flooding for U.S. Coastal Communities

Abstract Compound flooding, characterized by the simultaneous occurrence of multiple flooding drivers such as storm surge, heavy precipitation, and high river discharge, has become an increasingly pressing issue for coastal communities worldwide. The United States Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coastal areas with densely populated low-lying coastlines are particularly vulnerable to these events. As climate change exacerbates the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, the need to better understand and predict compound flooding impacts is more critical than ever.


Contribution of hydrometeorological drivers to compound impacts of natural hazards: an impact-based methodology

This week, I attended the “DAMOCLES Final Conference: Perspectives and Ways Forward In Compound Event Research” in Lisbon, Portugal. There were many inspiring talks and presentations to get a deeper dive into the issue of compound weather and climate extreme events analysis, as well as many ideas to connect with my own research on the socio-economic impacts of compound hazards. I gave an oral presentation about my PhD research, in which I discussed our newly developed impact-based methodology that takes into account all relevant hydrometeorological drivers associated with various types of natural hazards, which allows us to identify the drivers that have contributed to the socio-economic impacts and determine whether these extreme events are caused by single (i.

Assessing Compound Impacts of Natural Hazards in Miami-Dade County, Florida


Estimating Impact Relevant Thresholds of Multi-hazards in the U.S. Southeast Coast

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