Contribution of hydrometeorological drivers to compound impacts of natural hazards: an impact-based methodology

This week, I attended the “DAMOCLES Final Conference: Perspectives and Ways Forward In Compound Event Research” in Lisbon, Portugal. There were many inspiring talks and presentations to get a deeper dive into the issue of compound weather and climate extreme events analysis, as well as many ideas to connect with my own research on the socio-economic impacts of compound hazards. I gave an oral presentation about my PhD research, in which I discussed our newly developed impact-based methodology that takes into account all relevant hydrometeorological drivers associated with various types of natural hazards, which allows us to identify the drivers that have contributed to the socio-economic impacts and determine whether these extreme events are caused by single (i.

Assessing Compound Impacts of Natural Hazards in Miami-Dade County, Florida

A Novel Approach for Assessing Compounding Effects of Weather and Climate Extremes