agent-based modelling

Zombie Agent-Based Model and Sensitivity Analysis

A zombie agent-based model was developed and performed sensity analysis as a group work for OpenMole ex-Modelo Summer School

An Agent-Based Simulation Approach for Studying Human-Flood Interactions and Regional Evacuation Modelling

The presented research focuses on studying the human-flood interactions during a flooding event and finding the critical factors that play an important role in regional evacuations in the Southern Sagaing Region in Myanmar, by using agent-based …

Towards integrated forecasting of flash floods human impacts

Floods are one of the most frequently occurring weather related disasters, which affected more than 2.3 billion people worldwide and caused the highest amount of financial losses ($662 billion) over the last two decades (CRED and UNISDR, 2015). Flash floods have rapid onset which provides only few hours between rainfall and flooding and hence short time for warning which leads to the majority of flood casualties around the world. Flash floods are usually very localized in time and space, they occur suddenly and are difficult to forecast with accuracy which can leave people without warning.

Simulating Human-flood Interactions for Flood Risk Management using Agent Based Modelling

Integrated flood risk management involves a large portfolio of options for mitigating risks that include hard (engineered methods such as dams and flood-ways) and soft structural (nature based such as wetland protection, upper watershed restoration …

Simulating Human-Flood Interactions for Flood Risk Management using Agent-Based Modelling

Developed a hydraulic model and an Agent-Based Model (ABM) based on geospatial..